3 Mistakes Men Treat Their Hair

3 Mistakes Men Treat Their Hair

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Hair problems such as oily, falling out or bald to the point where it is difficult to find a suitable barber must be felt by both women and men.

In this case, men tend not to care about the condition of their hair because they think, hair will continue to grow every day. However, this understanding is not justified by hair health experts.

Quoting the Fashion Beans page , written Monday (23/05/2016) as many as 16 well-known hair experts who have won awards to male hair expert scholars provide the secret to caring for and maintaining healthy hair into old age, as follows:

1. Hair thinning problem

Jason Shankey, this hairdresser expert said, the condition of men’s hair will thin out when they are in their thirties and forties. To make your hair look thicker and more manageable, use a gel product to style your hair with a matte finish to make it last longer.

Even to maintain the strength of the hair, you can wash your hair with shampoo mixed with eggs regularly, once a month. Eggs will provide more protein for your hair.

2. Hair drying problem

Men tend to rub their hair tightly after shampooing. Because, men think with a fast movement will speed up the hair to dry. In fact, experts blame the technique.

A reliable celebrity hairdresser, Ben Skervin, said, when the hair gets a strong movement, it will cause damage to the hair as well as the scalp. In fact, this triggers hair thinning.

“Hair tends to be weak when wet (which makes it more susceptible to breakage) so don’t scrub too hard,” warns Skervin. Simply pat hair dry to avoid hair damage.

3. The wrong shampoo

Men’s hair must be washed at least twice a week and not leave the use of conditioner.

According to Carmelo Guastella, a barber and hair care expert, washing hair every day will make the hair condition drier. She suggests using conditioner after shampooing to keep hair healthy and smoother.

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